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Welcome to NVIS, Inc.

We make you invisible! The worlds first Managed Anonymity Network

Speak Freely

NVIS not only respects your privacy, we enforce it with uncensorable layer-2 encryption that you control.

No Names, Please

Universal Id is a unique blockchain wallet address for total anonymity. No names used and you get an NVIS IP that cannot be geolocated.


NVIS can be embedded in your app, rebranded, and our dashboards can be white-labeled. We welcome resellers/partners. Inquiry at

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The learning center will be partnering to use NVIS to introduce students to security and privacy concepts.

HowDoo uDoo?

Social media startup will be using NVIS to boost access from around the world.

New Dashboard

NVIS is pleased to announce the Admin and User Dashboards. Manage your own secure private network.